Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Plans for the week!

I just started a new job working swing and graveyard, plus Miss Pooh is feeling a little under the weather, so this week will be an easy week. I am still trying to figure out what to do for spelling for her. She reads at a 5th grade level, if I let her take her time with the reading level tests, but if she is timed then she is at 2nd grade level. I don't see anything wrong with letting her take her time!
So, back to the plans for this week.
Miss Pooh will be working on some mini books in her Apologia Astronomy notebook. We will also be reading some books about Mercury and try to find a video to watch on YouTube since we stopped our Netflix subscription.
Miss Pooh got the first 12 books of Magic Tree House, so we will be working through one of those. I like to try to have her read it out loud, so I can hear who she is sounding out words she is not familiar with.
And in math, we will be working in her third grade Scott Foreman math book I got her. I don't have her do every problem. But she does the warm up review of 3 to 4 questions at the start of every lesson, then we read through the lesson for the day. After that we work through some questions and finally give her some to do on her own. I find that this system works best compared to making her do it all on her own.
We will also be working on beginning multiplication because she asked me to teach the concept to her.
Miss Piglet will be starting preschool through early intervention because of her speech. She mispronounces some sounds and skips others. Plus, it will be good for her to spend some time away from sister because they are not always the best of friends.
Thursday, I am taking Miss Pooh on a homeschool group field trip. We are taking a tour of the local news station. Miss Pooh is super excited since the weather man Bob Shaw will be leading the tour. He also attends our church, so to her he is a real person and not just some face n the TV!
Well, I must apologize for the lack of pictures! My new laptop does not fit the old memory card in my old camera. But I am getting a new camera either next month or when we get our taxes back, then I will posting lots more pictures!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Decisions and plans- oh my!


The Homeschool Mothers’ Journal:

Where I have finally made decisions!


In my life this week: I found out my curves in my spine have increased a bit. And I need to strengthen my core muscles. And the best: I finally got my hubby to be on board with homeschooling!

In our homeschool this week:  Well, I have always thought of myself as a homeschooler, but now I finally got my hubby to see my side of the PS vs. HS debate. In other areas- Miss Pooh has really improved her writing numbers. She has also read a couple of the Magic Tree House books. And now that it is official that I will homeschooling her in the fall, I am at odds with what to use for several areas. Know that means? SHOPPING!

Helpful homeschooling advice: don’t copy school at home! I tried that last year with Miss Pooh and it went well sometimes, but I have learned that if she wants to sprawl on the floor that’s fine. If she want to lay upside down on couch to read a book, that is fine too!

Favorite thing this week:  getting hubby on board with homeschooling! And figuring out what Miss Pooh wanted to learn about.

Things I am working on:  Okay, I think this one will be the longest part. I am working on figuring out what we will be covering in history and science as well as in what order. We love lapbooks, but I don’t want to do a lapbook for everything because one of use might get burned out on them.  I have a spelling/vocabulary book that Miss Pooh is working on and will continue in the new school year.  So, I am in the process of going through my files and out what I want to do each month in a different folder, so when the time comes I can print out what I need to. I am hoping  that this will save me a lot of time. Especially since I will be going to school online at the same time.

Something I have my eye on:  I know that it is super expensive, but I have been eyeing the language arts with readers from Sonlight.


Come check out what others had to say this week!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plans for the future

Tonight I sat down and had a long chat with my oldest daughter about school. She has been going to a preschool since the beginning of December mainly because I felt guilty not doing a lot with her due to our little boy who was born in December.


Little Miss Pooh told me that she wanted to do school at home, but more of the stuff that they do at preschool. So, after some questions I realize I need to do more crafts and more games at home with her. She also requests that I read to her more than I have been doing.

I also asked Miss Pooh what she would like to learn about. And this is what we came up with

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I will be back

I had thought about sending my kiddos to school, but in the end I am sticking with my original decision. My oldest will be 5 this August, and so this summer I will be gathering and collecting stuff for the school year with her. My middle child turns 3 next month. SO that means I will be doing learning time with both of them. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have a plan for the school year

2012 School Year Plans – I also made this a page on here.
I have decided to treat each new year as a new school year, so here are my plans for this school year.
Math:  Horizons K - am on lesson 45 and will finish the rest by the end of the year.
             Math book "Up on top", first grade math book, complete half of it by the end of the year.

Science: mainly unit studies
  •   space
  •   ocean
  •   weather
  •   5 senses
Social studies: mainly literature unit studies with the majority of the learning will be from books.
                         Topics I want to cover are:
  •   First Americans
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Community Helpers  - this one will mainly be lapbooks/notebooks
  • national Anthem, Pledge Allegiance

  • Human Body
  • Safety Rules
Language Arts: this covers multiple areas

  • Spectrum First grade book
  • practice new words from books and other subjects
     Language arts:
  • Spectrum Kindergarten book                                                
     Handwriting: will be practice in all the subjects and won't be doing a separate curriculum


My baby turns 2 years old in May. At that point I plan on working with her on a few things.
  • sorting
  • matching
  • exploration with crayons, stickers, play-dough, etc

Well, that is the plan for this year. 

Getting back into it…again

Today has been a good day, so far. And I have come to the realization that I do not have to do all of Pooh’s school time in one big sitting. I am not sure why this has not occurred to me prior to this.
This morning, while I tried to put Piglet down for a nap, Pooh did a lesson in her Horizons K Math book, and a little over a lesson completed in our new Spectrum language Arts K book. After that, I read to her from a book about the first Americans. It took us all about 40 minutes.